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Electronic cigarettes have taken the smoking world by storm. And in Marietta, the center of the storm is at It’s all Guci Smoke Shop, where we carry the largest selection of E cigarettes in the region.

If you are new to trying electronic cigarettes, our friendly staff will be happy to help you with your selection by pointing out the various features each type offers. We have all sizes and styles available, so we are certain we can find a match for you.

Electronic cigarettes have become popular because they use heat to create vapor from a liquid that contains flavoring and nicotine. The vapor contains none of the chemicals released by burning a cigarette, so it is harmless to those around you and typically has little or no odor.

E cigarettes also can often be used when regular smoking is prohibited. And many smokers find they can completely quit the regular smoking habit and detox from tobacco with the aid of electronic cigarettes.

So when you’re ready to give electronic cigarettes a try, visit us at It’s all Guci Smoke Shop for the highest quality E smokes at the lowest prices in Marietta.

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